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Core JKD Knife Brace Defense and Standard Knife Defense


This is a master class on how to defend against the Knife Brace Attack with a bonus video on knife defense.

Maybe you've seen the attack videos on YouTube or in dark corners of the internet. 

A man approaches another man. Heated words are exchanged. One of them quickly places his arm across the chest of the other guy while simultaneously drawing his blade and stabbing the man repeatedly in the stomach and chest. 

This is real. This happens. 

Some fool decided it was a good thing to start teaching online the method for attacking in this manner. This method spread.

While it was thoughtless and harmful to dispense this attack knowledge freely to the world, it does mean that a few of us have to work clean up. 

We give you knowledge that counters this attack and helps you increase your odds of surviving such an encounter.

The attack itself works because it effectively creates a pocket of safety to draw your weapon while preventing the other guy from being able to access it or defend it with conventional training and knife defense methods. 

At Core JKD, we are not conventional.

I work hard to provide videos that have changed the way many people train for defending themselves and their loved ones. 

After all, why are you actually training?

I don't give you fluff—I cut to the heart of the matter and give you everything you need to know. 

You may have seen my videos on Youtube. You know how I teach my master class videos. 

This is a master class on how to defend against the Knife Brace Attack.

That means it's very detailed in the technique used and the method that enhances it's function. 

It's innovative. It's functional. It works against large attackers.

As a bonus, I'm including our method for Standard Knife Defense and Secondary Knife Attack Control and Disarm.

This second video describes our other unconventional method for dealing with knife attacks using thrusts or slashing.

These two videos go hand in hand.

If you're looking for training that will increase your survival when someone puts their arm across your chest while drawing their blade, you've found it.

If I decide to update or add other videos to this set to help round out your knife defense training, you will get them free of charge with this purchase.

That's my commitment to giving you the best for your money.

- Ming

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Core JKD Knife Brace Defense and Standard Knife Defense

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