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CJKD Weapons—Knife


The CJKD Knife Proficiency training videos are for the novice through to the advanced instructor levels. I hint at the military applications, but only hint. If you wish for military grade training where civilian laws are not in effect, please contact me through

If you think training patterns over and over and over and over again is training for functionality versus a resisting opponent with an intent to kill you, then this video series isn’t for you.

It is not merely the breaking of patterns that is required for efficiency, it is also the breaking of the patterns of thought that says this is how training is always done.

Core JKD is known for effective, functional methods against resisting opponents. We do not train patterns. We train perceptual and tactile skills and functional progressions with techniques designed to adapt to the dynamics of living, emotional attackers in a variety of environments—regardless of your size or skill level. 

The live, resisting opponent who has an intent to harm or kill you does not do so in a way that is always recognizable or even noticed until the attack begins. If you have someone pull out a blade to repeatedly stab you prison-style, would you know what to do? Would you be effective against continued thrusting and driving into you?

I designed the Knife Brace defense for this reason. I refined it even more in this series.

How about the grab and stab? Someone grabs your shirt and pulls you into the blade. Then, controlling you by your shirt, pull you off base and away from them only to yank you back into the blade again…and again.

Yes. I have devised a defense for that: The Stab and Grab Defense. It will be included in this series.

The Core JKD Method is built on a foundation that allows us to tackle the hard problems with great solutions. We take out the guesswork and put you to work on being successful in demanding and extremely difficult encounters.

A attacker, well-practiced with a blade, has his foundation in place.

Do you?

There are 31 videos in this series now. More than enough to last you for very long time.

I will also be adding a PDF with details on how to teach this in your own curriculum and other information relevant to the videos in this series. 

The advantage of buying through Gumroad is that I am able to add more videos—free of charge to you—as I make them. They will simply be added to your purchase the next time you log in to the site or view them on your mobile device.

I respond to my customers, also. I want you to have the knowledge required for your safety. This is important to me. There are times I will create a video and add to the collection because of a question a customer had. Again, I want to know what you think. 

Thank you,

—Shaun "Ming" Rudie

Founder, Core JKD and Rebel Wing Chun

The information provided in these videos is for educational purposes only.
Any martial art experience carries inherent risk to life and limb. Use extreme caution when performing any martial art or self defense techniques and seek professional guidance to ensure safety.
It is also recommended you seek a physician’s approval before engaging in any new physical activity.
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CJKD Weapons—Knife

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