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CJKD Grappling Basics Videos

The series you've been waiting for. These are the fundamentals of grappling that make Core JKD unique and will set you on the path of mastering the ground game—by knowing how to play it and how to free yourself from it.

Who is this for?

This series is designed to be understood by the complete novice with no training whatsoever. It will give the tools and functionality to be successful in resisting encounters against more advanced and skilled attackers. 

It also has unique Core JKD grappling techniques that advanced students and instructors will be able to use to enhance their grappling game beyond their traditional training.

Distance Learning students: these are the fundamental requirements for Core JKD Grappling. They are required for advancement, testing, and certification in the Core JKD system.

Videos in the series:

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Fundamental Grappling Conditioning Exercises


  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Mount Escapes

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Kesa Gatame, Position, Escapes

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Cross Body Escapes

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Guard and Half Guard Escapes

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Arm Bar Escapes

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Rear Naked Choke and Escapes

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Submissions and Escapes

  • GRAPPLING BASICS—Leg Lock, Heel Hooks and Escapes

    • GRAPPLING BASICS—Striking In Ground Grappling

Some of what's on the videos...

Fundamental Grappling Conditioning Exercises

  • Bridge over partial

  • 3-point under

  • 3-point over

  • Shrimp

  • Reverse Shrimp

  • 4-point

  • Knee on chest

  • Sprawls (double, single leg)

  • Shoulder walk

  • Airplane / Coffee grinder (shoulder, elbows, hands)


  • Mount

  • Cross body

  • Knee on chest

  • North-South

  • Guard

  • Open guard / Floating guard

  • Half guard

  • Quarter position

  • Quarter position basic turnovers

Mount escapes

  • Umpah

  • Roll over leg

  • Elbow escape

  • COG (center of gravity)

  • Head control bridge

  • Arm over leg

  • Multiples

Kesa Gatame, Position, Escapes

  • Position

  • Locks and Controls

  • Core JKD Escape

  • Pancake Flip

  • Leg to head

  • Spoon

  • Obtuse

  • High Angle Bridge

  • Leg Capture

  • Leg Capture To Calf Slicer

Crossbody Escapes

  • Reverse shrimp shimmy

  • Body wave

  • Bump knee insert

  • Head control roll

  • Under head control awareness

  • Shrimp out to quarter

  • Arm positions - preferred

  • Arm positions - less desirable

Guard escapes

  • Circle of the legs

  • Can opener

  • Knee to tailbone

  • Knee to tailbone vs striking

  • Step over

  • Turn over

  • Drop to leg lock / calf crush

  • Star pass

  • Elbow control warning

Half-guard escapes

  • Submissions (calf crush variations)

  • Standard escape

  • Core JKD escape

Arm Bar Escapes

  • Basic arm bar

  • Elbow awareness from below

  • Push out

  • Halo

  • Bridge on face

  • Shoulder Torque

Rear Naked Choke and Escapes

  • Water drill: sighted and blind

  • Rear naked choke application: various grinds, floating

  • Core JKD Escape

  • Elbow leverage drive

  • Finger joint manipulation

  • Short choke variation (trachea crush) 

Submissions and Escapes

  • Triangle and escape

  • V-arm Lock branch up (Americana or key lock)

  • Branch up escape: Rotate Open

  • Branch up escape: Elbow to pocket

  • V-arm Lock branch down (Kimora)

  • Branch down escape: Fingertip weave

  • Branch down escape: Rotate out

  • Omaplata

  • Omaplata escape: turnover

  • Kimura 

  • Kimura escape: corkscrew

  • Arm and neck choke

  • Arm and neck choke and escapes: trap and bridge, bump

  • Kesa arm and neck choke escape: 3-point to coffee grinder, pressure slip, kesa choke-escape flow drill

Various Submissions

  • Pillow lock

Wrist and finger joint locks in grappling:

  • Supine branch up and down

  • Pinky high branch down

  • Grouping

  • Thumb high

Leg locks, heel hooks and escapes

  • Leg lock: outside-in

  • Leg lock: inside out

  • Training to resist the leg lock

  • Breathing through pain

  • Leg lock escape

  • Pass centerline heel hook

  • Pass centerline leg lock and heel hook counter

  • Heel hook

  • Power heel hook

  • Heel hook escape: push thru

  • Heel hook escape: pull out and circle

  • Body feel familiarity training

  • Ankle crank training

Striking In Grappling

  • Head control

  • Strike momentum—Head evasion

  • Base: knee on chest vs mount

  • Hook and jab power mechanics

  • Strike zone on head

  • Strike variety with elbows

  • Crossbody: Elbows and Hammerfists

  • Striking From Guard: Hammerfist Detail

  • Defending Mount Strikes: Bicep Inserts And Bridge

  • Defending Crossbody Strikes: Inserts To Defend And Escape

  • Defending Crossbody Strikes: Head Position Binding—Inserts

  • Headbutts from mount and guard

  • Defending Strikes From Guard: Parry—Inserts—Leg Controls

  • Examples Of Sparring Drill and Double Arm Block

  • Leg Control vs Strikes Detail

  • Comb Cover / Double Arm Block: Drawing Away Cover—How To Get Knocked OutStriking In Grappling

These are functional, skill building flows that utilize the techniques in dynamic flow training that quickly elevates your movement and understanding of always having opportunities.

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