CJKD - Hair Pulling Defense


Have you ever had your hair used against you in a fight?

Have you seen the online video showing fights that end terribly because someone was able to gain control of their opponent's hair and smash their head on the ground?

Do you want to know how to prevent this from happening to you?

This video set shows you exactly how to defend yourself when someone grabs your hair to control you in a fight - Standup or on the Ground!

You will learn how to control and defeat an attacker who grabs your hair standing or when they are on top of you and you are helplessly on your back.

This is a two video set. 

As with every Core JKD video, I don't waste your time talking for 30 minutes before I show you anything. I value your time—I value mine. 

We get right to the action and the details that will make you effective by SHOWING it to you.

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CJKD - Hair Pulling Defense

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