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The Core JKD Hatchet Kick Training Video


Detailed technique and training on one of the secret weapons in our arsenal.

The Core JKD Hatchet kick combines the power of a Muay Thai rear round with the finesse and pinpoint accuracy of the Savate fuete in a kick wholly Core JKD.

This kick was developed to transmit full power through the target in a very small surface area—making it a devastating weapon in close distance and long range.

You cannot spar full power with this kick without full protection and even then you have to minimize hitting the specific target points Ming details in this video.

You get:

  • Detailed breakdown

  • Full technique

  • Organ and disabling target point detail

  • How to defend a leg catch

  • How to train the kick to develop balance, accuracy, power and multiple attacks

  • Slow motion commentary of sparring

  • Additional slow motion sparring examples

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Detailed breakdown of our most devastating kick as well as full technique, how to train, and slow motion sparring examples.

2.2 GB
30 minutes

The Core JKD Hatchet Kick Training Video

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