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Every Striking Tool Technique In One Place.

• Kicking • Boxing • Clinch Range 

Have you always wanted to know just how to use that?

Or maybe you want to know what the heck that or is all about?

Maybe you just want to have one of the best, complete striking tools videos to make sure all your techniques are as efficient as they can be.

If you've seen our Core JKD YouTube channel, you know the quality of instruction and thoroughness you'll get with these videos.

All of the tools trained are refined to allow for better combinations with every other tool at your disposal.

Core JKD is built on the foundation of survivability in real world situations - these videos are a part of that refinement.

The best part of any system is that it can take into account everything the student or instructor brings with him or her.

If you aren't one to use kicks much because of inflexibility or injury, then you need kicks that work for you when it counts - without tearing off your hamstrings in the process.

This video has those kicks—from the coup de pied bas to the Wing Chun knee stomps or Stinger.

• Knees • Elbows • Shoulder Shots • Headbutts

Ever use a headbutt in fighting? How about in training for a fight.

Core JKD Striking Tools video includes real headbutting techniques that actually work and won't break your neck or face in the attempt.

You'll learn:

  • How to line up the spine properly for the strike.
  • What parts of the skull are used to create the most impact damage without harming you.
  • How the legs are used to drive power through the strike to take people off their feet.
  • How to use the Side and Back headbutt.
  • How to set them up, when to use them.
  • And much more

You'll also get training in how to use the shoulder as an accurate knockout tool. Yes, your shoulder.

We have elbows galore! EFFECTIVE elbows!

Up, Down, Snap, Back, Side, and Sneak.

Have you seen the Sneak Elbow?


There’s a reason for that: Only Core JKD has them.

This devastating elbow is also one that your opponent won’t see.

It’s so effective, you have to train it with great care so you don’t injure your training partner.

It’s that hard to see—and even harder to defend.



  • One thing is for sure—you'll never look at another fight in the same way.
  • Be educated in a way most other people are not.
  • Pick out why someone's combination is flawed—why they can't get the hook to land in flow, because you'll know the accurate mechanics behind every strike.
  • Eliminate the errors that will help you go to the next level in your training and fighting.
  • Gain advanced knowledge on all of the kicking, boxing and clinch-range tools in the videos.
  • Know them inside and out and from a perspective derived from hard-hitting struggles against resisting opponents.
  • Learn the most efficient angle to throw a punch for your individual body.
  • Have at your command a toolset that can adapt readily, efficiently, to flowing in combination and range-changing.
  • Discover the ins and outs of modifying them for stronger or taller opponents. 


About Shaun "Ming" Rudie, Founder of Core JKD

This is no small thing.

I've successfully trained people for nearly 25 years to refine their skills to high levels of functionality.

My clients have included all branches of the military and law enforcement and people with decades of training in other arts and systems.

It has included people like you.

I train the individual.

I raise everything you bring to me to higher levels of functionality—for surviving life and death situations.

  • Against single and multiple opponents, with and without weapons.
  • Regardless of your gender, size, or skill level.

I make you functional, efficient, effective.

I have trained people who needed the skills to stay alive in the heat of hand-to-hand combat.

I have trained the average person just needing to get home safely from a late night run to the grocery store.

My years developing Core JKD created the most functional, efficient, self-defense system for the individual.

I don’t make you conform to Core JKD, I make Core JKD conform to you.

Check out our testimonials on our main homepage for more information about me and my effectiveness at teaching.

What's in the videos?

Effective training that gets to the heart of the information as early as possible.

Your time is valuable, so is mine. I don't waste screen time talking about what I'm going to show you—I just get right in and show you.

Video List In This Volume

The Core JKD Standard reference videos are a virtual encyclopedia for the following range tools: Kicking, Boxing, and Clinch.

Each video details the specific tool mechanics for their range and how to use them efficiently.

There are 2 1/2 hours of videos:


• Fuete

• Groupe

• Chasse

• Coup De Pied bas

• CJKD Corkscrew Kick

• Inverted hook kick

• Thai rear and lead round

• Thai teep

• JKD side kick and CJKD short stroke side kick

• Spinning back kick

• Wing Chun knee stomp

• Wing Chun straight kick

• Stinger

Boxing - Clinch Tools

• Understanding stance and cover

• Tuck and cover

• Fist, fingers, palm positions

• Jab - standard and vertical

• Jab - long vertical jab

• Cross

• Hook - rear and lead

• Long hook

• Shovel hook

• Uppercut

• Overhand

• Corkscrew punch

• Backfist

• Headbutt

• Biceps shot

• Shoulder shot - up and to chest

• Elbows - down, snap, up

• Elbows - back, side, sneak

• Long knee

• Outside knee

• Up knee

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Core JKD Striking tools - Standup

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