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Core JKD Trapping Vol. 1 RWC

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Core JKD Trapping Vol. 1 RWC


This series covers Core JKD Wing Chun Trapping in detail. You can have no prior knowledge, and you will be able to train and utilize the techniques here to advanced levels.  


  • High reference positions and eye jab entries
  • Pak sao, jao sao, saht sao, spleen, solar plexus, liver and throat strikes
  • Transitions to elbow strikes from various energy responses and path openings
  • Inside pak and closing the line trapping variations
  • Slow motion examples
  • Lop sao transitions and trapping
  • Jun Fan/JKD scoop (heun sao) transitions to trapping
  • Arm drag trapping
  • Stop hit variations, including saht sao
  • Boxing jab, hook and jab, cross/hook combination interceptions and trapping
  • Forearm interception to saht sao/lop sao striking and trapping
  • Entering with elbows
  • Leg trapping with Silat control and takedown
  • and much more

Bonus Periphery Attribute Training vs Attacks Video:

Covers how to enhance your periphery reading of an attacker's impulse movement and attack without directly looking at them. Focus mitts and shield training vs boxing, kicking and shoot entries. 

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Wing Chun Trapping Vol 1

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