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Core JKD Trapping Vol. 2 RWC Flow (Chi Sao)


Again, we continue on our teaching video series that requires no previous skills or self defense knowledge, while at the same time will enhance the skills and functional foundation of those who are instructors or have years of training in other martial art systems

Core JKD Wing Chun Trapping Vol. 2 begins your journey as a functional fighter with the Core JKD Rebel Wing Chun Flow, or simply our version of Wing Chun Chi Sao. This video deals with the single-hand variations with transitions.

We start with the strike-bong sao flow covering:

  • Depth penetration
  • Mobility and footwork
  • Elevation changes
  • Target changes
  • Combining Depth, Elevation, and Target changes—dynamically—sighted and unsighted
  • Lead change adaptation and transitions

In addition, you will learn detailed 3rd point sensing—the very thing I use when making myself seem like I weigh far heavier or feel far stronger than I am to my opponents, while taking them off base or opening them up for attacks they were unprepared for.

3rd Point Sensing covers:

  • Relaxation vs Pressuring
  • The Tactile Environment
  • Understanding the Progression
  • Pressure-tipping Drill
  • Base Recovery
  • Transition Awareness
  • Transition Follow-thru
  • and more...

Bong Sao Flow with Ton and Elbow Insert Details:

This video continues the flow series from Vol. 1, with the addition of ton sao and the elbow insert in greater detail.

Ming flows with Ninja in real-time which allows you to see the inserting of subtle transitions off of strikes and how seamless transitions allow adherence that can be used in various clinch attacks.

What makes our Chi Sao (RWC Flow) different? 

It's built on our Core JKD threat-to-life self-defense training foundation that makes you functional in any attacking range, from weapons, kicking, boxing, clinch, and the ground in a variety of different environments.

One of the weaknesses found in other arts is that they don't train for dealing with the wrestler who knows how to strike, the judoka who knows how to Thai kick, the street brawler who's hiding the knife under his shirt, and on and on.

You've seen the videos of the master being picked up and body-slammed because the master of that martial art only trained—truly trained—against attackers in only one range or in a particular fighting style.

Core JKD's foundation is self-defense training for the individual to survive life-threatening encounters against ANY kind of attacker in a variety of environments. This is our bread and butter. It's what I invested 40 years of my life developing.

Wing Chun IS Functional

The one thing other arts dismiss, however, is the functional use of Wing Chun techniques and concepts that can be used against any type of attack and attacker.

Why do they dismiss this? Because they don't understand how it's actually being used or where. It's not a large, arching kick or fantastic swinging hook that wows the crowd into stupor, because those techniques and actions are very flashy, very Hollywood.

Unfortunately, the general public also have very few examples of people teaching or using these foundational skills in the real world—especially against grapplers or good strikers from long range.

Wing Chun Functionally is often Unseen

The functional defense of diverting the path of a knife intended for your heart or your loved one is not immediately seen, but it is surely felt.

An attacker suddenly finds themselves stumbling to catch balance when engaged in a fight with someone trained in the functional use of Wing Chun—just before the barrage of strikes come that finish the fight.

There are many such examples of encounters that showcase only the result of a well-trained Wing Chun (RWC) fighter, and not how it was done. The effectiveness is an extension of efficiency. Of economy of motion and resources. Of penetrating strikes with the least amount of movement.

Core JKD Rebel Wing Chun

Core JKD Rebel Wing Chun exemplifies the functional use of Wing Chun when engaged in encounters with resisting attackers with an intent to harm or kill. 

The RWC Flow uses intuitive and functional exercises that help you ingrain automatic responses to punches (deflections, interceptions, attacks) on the low, mid, and high lines—with and without sight. 

Remember, you can have no prior knowledge, and you will be able to train and utilize the techniques here to advanced levels.

 I am releasing this Trapping (and Flow) series at a lower price point so that it will be accessible to more people. This will allow you to train and then add other volumes as it makes financial sense to you.

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Core JKD Trapping Vol. 2 RWC Flow (Chi Sao)

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