Ultimate 3-Hour Core JKD Wing Chun Knife Training Bundle!


The Ultimate Core JKD Wing Chun Knife Training Bundle

3 Hours of FUNCTIONAL Chi Sao Training, technique, trapping, flows, and Core JKD Wing Chun applications in knife attack and self defense training and weapon control.

Core JKD Wing Chun principles and training applications used in our close quarter knife attack self defense training including:

  • Don Chi Sao Training For Aggressive Blade Attacks
  • Training And Energy Sensitivity Flows
  • Sightless blade redirection
  • Trapping
  • Adherence
  • Tracking a Repeating Blade
  • Off-basing
  • Headbutt Insertions
  • Bong Sao Flow for sightless familiarity
  • Lop Sao for control and locks setup
  • Weapon Control of a resisting attacker who had an intent to harm or kill
  • Knife Disarms
  • Return To Sender Applications
  • Blind Training
  • How to defend a passed blade
  • Why the under-grip is improper and can get you killed
  • Random Blade Attack Demonstrations With Defense
  • And tons more!

Yes, Wing Chun can used to efficiently enhance your functionality against a knife-wielding attacker! Ming translates traditional Wing Chun functionality into a formidable weapon defense training system.

If you're serious about weapon self defense and you're serious about finding a use for real-world Wing Chun energy training and extreme functionality, you need this video.

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Ultimate 3-Hour Core JKD Wing Chun Knife Training Bundle!

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