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Smaller Person versus Larger Attacker: Standup Ranges

Self-Defense Series Videos

This is what so many of you have been requesting. Over 2 1/2 hours of detailed instruction for the standup range—before it can become the ground range!

How often have you been shown or trained in techniques that simply don’t work against a larger attacker who is resisting you?

Yes, resisting you. 

Not just following a drill, but someone who has harmful intent to damage or kill you.

These aren't techniques that only work when your training partner is following drills in a nice, clean training studio.

I’m referring to methods of training that deal with the following:

  • The attacker who specifically uses their greater strength or size against you.

  • Uses his or her rushing tactics to off-balance and control you.

  • The one who counts on your being fearful because of their size or strength.

  • The attacker who is practiced at intimidation and overpowering their victims.

The attacker who catches you by surprise.

You know the story: A person trains for decades in a martial art—or several—only to be overwhelmed by a larger, stronger attacker in real-world situations.

Many people came to me because their years of training in other arts didn't address their size and strength vs a larger, stronger attacker. 

Their years and years of hard work did nothing for them in a real fight—and in some case actually harmed them!

Core JKD's methods do not follow the traditional mindset or limited functionality of schools of thought and practice grounded in tactics and methods suited for competitions where rules apply.

They are also not watered down "military style" systems where flash is actually replacing functionality to sell the product.

Our methods are unique, surprising in their simplicity and functionality, and work regardless of your size.

This series of videos is taught by Ming of Core JKD. 

Many of you the world over know my teaching style, my clarity, and my utmost desire to make sure you can be functional in any range against any type of attacker.

With these videos, I give you nothing less than a master's class on every part of what makes a technique work for you.

Again, regardless of your size.

The Smaller Person vs Larger Attacker Self-Defense Videos cover some of the most effective—and Core JKD Original—methods for dealing with attacks coming from a larger or stronger attacker.

The videos contain information on:

  • Bull Rush Attack Escapes

  • Rear Body Attack Controls and Escapes

  • Double Wrist Grab Controls and Escapes

  • How To Not Give The "Victim" Presence

  • Full Body Pickup Escapes

  • Elbow Destructions

  • Head and Neck Controls

  • Multiple Attacker Tactics and Manipulations

  • Side Rushing Attack Controls and Escape

  • Using Your Environment Strategies

  • Striking That Works, Is Efficient and Penetrating

  • Leverage Tactics vs Larger Attacker

  • Where Not To Be and How To Get Out Of There

  • Single Leg Pick Up Escapes

  • Training Your Peripheral Skills, Ear and Eyes

  • Strongest Muscle Leverage Positions

  • Larger Attacker Weaknesses

  • Striking Soft Targets with Accuracy

  • Taking Larger Attacker Base and Balance

  • Waist Hold Escapes

  • Equalizers and Force Multipliers

  • Biting Targets and Cautions

  • Leaving Identifying Marks For Law Enforcement

  • Close Range Striking

  • Jawline Inset Control For Head Offsetting

and much more

This series of videos directly trains you in the methods for handling and surviving life-threatening encounters against a larger and stronger attacker.

In these videos we assume you are the weaker, smaller person and that you are at the disadvantage.

We give you the knowledge and proven training methods for developing a capable body and mind that reacts naturally in the proper ways to take advantage of your size, leverage systems, enhanced peripheral ability, personal and environmental tactics and potential for greater speed.

This is the 1st video group in the Smaller vs Larger Series detailing attacks—and defenses for them—in the Standup Ranges.

The Ground Range series is in development and will be announced as soon as it is completed.

As with all of Core JKD's videos, your purchase includes free upgrades to material or additional "refinement" videos for this set added later.

We work hard to give you continued support here and on our YouTube channel.

As always, thank you for your time. 


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Smaller vs Larger Self-Defense Series: Standup - Core JKD

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